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JR Enterprise Services

At JR Enterprise we have dual focus on finding the perfect career opportunity for you as healthcare a professional, and meeting the needs of the servicemen and women as well as their families by meeting the needs of our customers. We recruit, manage, and retain our team members and align them with opportunities throughout the nation that will allow them to succeed and grow. Our in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), Hospitals, and Clinics that we service allows us to fully understand the needs of our two customers: the client, and the clinician.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions:

JR Enterprise approach to meeting the needs of the MTFs’, Hospitals, and Clinics throughout the nation, is with a supplemental healthcare staffing approach. We understand the industries shortage of qualified healthcare professionals and increasing need for the Elite healthcare services that we provide. Through a robust network of Physicians, Nurses, Behavioral Health providers, Technicians, Technologist, and specialized providers, we strive serve you first. We also welcome team members to join our call to service in an organization that works just as hard for them as they do for the customer. If you are in Need of our support, and Looking for a Career please contact us!

Permanent Placement Solution:

When critical staffing vacancies occur, healthcare enterprises need, dependable, experienced, and qualified placement professionals to take care of their staffing needs. The permanent placement healthcare professional requires the best physician placement partner.

JR Enterprise focuses on employing a comprehensive consultative approach to creating long-term employment relationships between healthcare facilities and employers, and qualified healthcare professionals. By continually building our network of qualified medical professionals, JR Enterprise allows Healthcare Facilities to focus on providing patient care while we focus on providing the professionals you need.

As a Provider: JR Enterprise offers long term placement opportunities that meet your professional needs and your career goals. If you are searching for an opportunity that will allow you to work with a professional organization where you are valued, allow you to develop professionally, and awards excellence, then Our Team Is the Team for YOU!!!

We have dual focus on finding the perfect career opportunity for you.