We provide nationwide coverage

Our goal is to place employees in institutions where they will find a rewarding and satisfying experience


We provide nationwide coverage for our staffing contractors

At JR Enterprise, we believe in serving both of our customers, (Our Clients and Our Providers) with the best quality of support possible. If you are looking for an employment opportunity that allows you to advance in your field, experience opportunities throughout the U.S., and provide support to our military members and their families, then we want to align you with the perfect position.

We provide nationwide coverage for our staffing contractors and can provide long-term contract positions close to your current place of residence or new exciting opportunities in some of your most desire employment locations. In many locations we have multiple contracts and can provide you with several placement options.

Jr Enterprise understands that our team members are the strength of our organization, and is committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by focusing on our employees first. If you are looking for an opportunity in a government setting with a staff that values you as much as their customers, then reach out to us to find out how to become a team member.

Benefits & Compensation

Our goal is to place employees in institutions where they will find a rewarding and satisfying experience. When working with JR Enterprise, you have the support of a team that is dedicated to supporting your employment activities and helping you alleviate difficulties. We stress communication and teamwork.

In addition, we want our medical employees to be aware of the numerous advantages of finding employment through our Government contracts. These positions offer hours and perks that allow you to be at your best and provide outstanding service to your patients.


  • Our employees earn top pay to work in beautiful cities and islands.
  • Our employees have many contractual options to choose from – PRN, 13-week, 6-month, 12-month, and 24-month contracts are available.
  • Our employees are paid bi-weekly and are also given sign-on and completion bonuses ranging from $250-$40,000.


When you refer a coworker or friend, you will be greatly compensated with a friendly referral bonus ranging from $500-$10,000.


Many of our employees are eligible to participate in a 401K saving plan. Call today to speak with a benefits specialist.


You will be covered by our health insurance. In addition, JR Enterprise has generous options for vision, dental, and life insurance. We have various plans to choose from, so that you can find that right option for your situation.


JR Enterprise’s’ dedicated team of Project Managers, and Human Resource professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help you overcome any issues you may have.


We offers Direct Deposit so that our team members can avoid the hassles associated with mailed or picked-up checks. Our Direct Deposit Service is convenient, and timely. In addition, you can access your pay stubs at any time via the Internet.
The advantages of working with our team:

  • Competitive pay
  • Clearly defined hours
  • 401K
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Project Managers and Corporate Team

The advantages of our government contract positions:

Employees’ malpractice insurance is covered 100%. This represents a significant savings for you
Military Treatment Facilities have a controlled patient/clinician ratio. Spend more time with your patients.

Wonderful Opportunity for career development:

Be considered for a GS position at the facility of your choice
Receive experience of Government policies, healthcare systems, and military traditions -great resume eye-catcher
Care for a healthier insured population of patients
Support the troops that support us!!!

We have dual focus on finding the perfect career opportunity for you.